Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Y worry?

Hello y'all!

Sorry iv not bloggd for has not helped mattas at all! I see that in my absence some blogvillians hav deemed my blog worthy of bein i hav more followers. Yaaay!

Some time ago, i listend 2somthg in church that stirrd me n i want 2share with y'all.
In my 20 odd years,i hav discovered that life comes with challenges, tests,trials and tribulations. People xperience this and come out in different ways. Som peopl com out stronger and tougher..while some come out broken and bruised in mind and body.
Some dnt survive it.
Some commit suicide.
It is so easy 2get depresd when life throws challenges at u..When nothin seems 2b workin, n dere's confusion in one's life. How we handle thos period mattas a lot bcos it is so easy 2fall deeper and deeper in2 d darknes calld depression. If uve bin in that state, do u notice that no good thots ever enter ur mind at that particular time?

Sometimes u end up doin stupid things..4 diffrent reasons.. 2help u cope with d problem.. 2take ur mind off d problem..

I know, cause iv been there.
I remember, those times i felt like a super failure. Nothing ever worked right 4me. Id b in situations, n it was like God had 4gotten me. N id see things workin rite 4otha ppl n it was like God loved othas more than he loved me. But sooner or lata, God comes thru4 me. N den il b smilin..or id discover dat that situation workd 4my Good.

Many years bak, my dad lost his job..n then began a most terrible period 4my family. This period lastd 3years. We couldnt pay house rent, so we began livin in places we neva thot we would live in. Twas terrible. A family that had been very comfortable financialy reduced 2 squalor. I rememba one time like dat.. my mum's bitter tears as we were ejectd 4rm a place we'd been squattin in n we had nowhere2 go. My parents pleaded wit d landlord n he refusd 2 allow us stay an extra minit. But God helpd us n we found a place 2stay b4 d end of the day. We eventualy landed in a smal shed used 2store cement. Yes we livd there. My mum initially wasnt a christian. She had been a devotee of one of d eastern religions 4a very long fact,all my siblings were born in2 dat religion. Yet in trouble, dat religion, n d name she calld on didnt work 4her. She knew somethin had 2b done. Enuf was enuf. She fasted n prayd 2 GOD 4 3days in d name of jesus, n lik a dream,that was d end of d problem. My dad got a job.we moved out of d cement shed 2a 3bedroom apartment..and from there my dad bought a land, and built a house..a very comfortable house i mite add! :-)

My mum today is a strong christian. She stil has bits of that religion around, but bit by bit, God is takin her away 4rm that religion. I pray 4her all d time, dat God perfects her faith n christianity. N i hav assurance dat very soon she wil get rid of all d remnants of dat religion.. Amen somebody!

Those awful days of hunger and homelessnes are past, n 2day we are much betta off dan we were b4 we had that problem.
My family is so fresh lookg, so com4table 2day that wen we tel ppl wat we went thru, they find it difficult 2beliv.

Y am i sharing dis with u? 2let u know dat there IS a God, he is mighty, n he answers prayers.
Y worry? Y b depressd? God cares. D bible says trust in d lord..
Trust in d lord. Whateva situation ure going thru, God is bigger than dat situation. Commit it in2 d hands of God.
Delight thyself in d lord, n he wil giv u d desires of ur heart. Psalm 37:4.

U can try oda ways.. But turn 2 God..n let God handle it.

So wen d devil tells u thru ur thots or thru people that ure a failure.. Dat that situation wil neva go away..dat nobody loves u..wen d devil tempts u 2do wrong..he puts thots of suicide in ur head..
Rebuke d devil.resist him in d name of jesus christ(d way,d truth, n d life) n he wil flee from u.
Rememba that there is a God.
Famous 4his faithfulness.

Famous 4his majesty.
Famous 4his miracles.
He loves u.
Wateva d situation,turn 2him 4help,N see ur situation turn around in ways that wil amaze u.
I know cus iv experiencd it personaly.
Send d arrows of depression bak2 d devil, refuse 2stay down in depression.

Im not mis perfect. I stil get depressd 4rm time 2time, but God sends ppl like my mum 2help me out of it..n then i remember al d time he's helpd me.. N i pray.. N God comes thru 4me. N im sendg d same mesage2u. He'l help u wen u turn 2him and call on him.

I hope i hav inspired n spoken 2someone..
God bles y'all.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Lil' Story..

Hey y'all! I want 2 say a BIG Thank u 2 everyone that has visited my blog n droppd their comments. Thanx a whole lot. Also 4 every one who has added me 2 their blogroll, Thanx! N for all u silent readers, id apreciate a line or two to let me know wat u think wen u ve read my posts..

Im gonna tell y'all a story..but it might take a while tellin so u gats 2 b patient..

Story story..
Once upon a time..

(update! Sry i had 2change d title,but i dat title might b 4d next post!) 4years ago when i was in 200level in d university, i told my coursemate:
'hey, i saw u on tv,u were presentin a sports programme! im really interested in d media, pls can u hook me up? I really like radio presentin2,so any way u can help, id b really grateful!'

i didnt know d brotha was gonna take me seriously n hook me up, but he did. D next thing i know,a guy from d oldest radio station in d country (i think) came 2 skool 2 luk 4me. My coursemate had told him about me. Anyways,radiostation guy talkd 2me, askd me 2pronounce a few words n told me he'd get bak 2me. N get bak2me he did. Took me around 4a while, took me 2d tv station where he had a live programme he presented on air. i watchd him while he presented his program..was in d studio backstage while he did his thing in front of d camera.Tried 2get me in2 plus size modelin,but unfortunately nothing came of dat. :-(

He even told me was very attractd 2me..but thank goodness nothin came of that! :-D
He was very married.

He got me a stint as a presenter in one of d programmes in d radio station. I did it wit happines.even tho i wasnt paid a dime, n i had 2spend my own mony on transport fare. But i was passionate.i lovd d radio.
But afta a while i stoppd.cldnt was drainin my finances.

Radio station guy got me anoda job. He got me a part in a radio drama.
And dis time i was gonna get paid. So wit happines in my heart i showd up at d venue of d recordin 4d radio drama.

And on that very day,i met them. They came for d recordin too.

Two guys.

(part 2 comin soon! Teeeheee..)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Haute couture

Y 4 heaven's sake is it hard 2get trendy,sassy n classy plus size trendy clothes? Ehn? It is dis challenge that has made shopping 4 clothes a nightmare 4 me. Im a very fashionable person. i have an eye 4 fashion, n i know wat looks good n what doesnt. I look at a person n dress d person up,do a make over, n d person would look great. im also very good with make up. So it pains me seriously wen i cant get clothes that express my trendy and funky personality in d market. And wen i find them, they are very expensive! Another annoying thing is that wen im shopping, n i like a particular wear, i find dat d plus size version of dat outfit is more expensive. Y 4 heaven's sake? Ehn? N God knows that at dis stage of my life,m still hussling, n im very prudent with my mony. How much do i get per job that i have 2 part with more than necessary just to look good? D slimmer chicks hav it easier. Tejuosho market is there 4 them, n a chick with some average dough can stil look really good..she doesnt hav 2 spend sooo much b4 lookin like a babe..unlike me dat has 2go d xtra mile, and hold d xtra cash b4 i can say that i hav gone shoppin. All bcos i gat some xtra sumthin on me, if u know wat im saying ;-).. By d way, how many fashion shows are there dat celebrate d plus size woman? How many designers design 4d plus size woman? How come modeling agencies that hav plus size models do not abound? Na wa o.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sex and d PHAT gurl

Now in my earlier posts, uve read about my teenage years. uve also read dat i currently dont hav a boyfriend. yep. but d truth is brovas hav bin comin. fine ones, not so fine ones (dnt want2use d word ugly.hehehe) tall, short, married, divorced, fair, dark.. they ve all bin coming. but iv held out 4so long bcos... i seek God's wil 4my life. As a young lady, i lov God very much, n i seek 2do his wil. i may not hav always gotten it right, but by his grace, prayers and conscious effort, i get better n betta in my walk wit God. I hav heard a lot of things justifyin sex b4 marriage, but d truth is sex b4 marriage is bad. It opens ur life 2a lot of problems- spiritual and physical. i know. i hav refused 2 compromise bcos i say 2myself-God does not go against his word. if he said i shldnt 4nicate, den HE wil send me a man who values sexual abstinence in courtship. Having dat kind of mindset has really helped me in stayg away from relationships dat are not in line with God's word. Ive been celibate 4a long while now (think years) n believe me i feel great, i feel good, n my walk with God is getting stronger by d day. When i was stil in2 relationships dat involved sex i used 2wonda-so wats next? I got in2 sex realy young n naive.. ignorant. but thank God, i became olda, wiser, saw d error of my ways and stoppd. N i firmly believe that sex destroys n hinders intimacy in a relationship. When i was on campus, i had roomies that had relationships that included sex n d results they were gettin in their relationships just further strengthend my resolve dat i was going 2wait on God 2giv me a man afta his own heart, who wil fear God n value abstinence in line with God's word. my bunkmate had a boyfriend she'd bin dating for 5years. no marriage in sight. lo and behold, she concieves. n id bin talkg2her about stayin away 4rm sex, n she decided 2stay away bcos she herself knew dat it wasnt benefitin her in anyway... and then we quarreld. we were not on speakg terms at that period, so she got closer2d oda girls in d rum who encoragd n pushd her 2open her legs 4her boyfriend whom she had bin avoidg cus of dis sex issue. i know d particular day she concievd. my rumates were on her case dat day, teasg her mercilesly about avoiding her boyfriend. n like a lamb2d slaughta, she went 2 meet him dat day, n came bak pregnant. n dat was d beginin of her trobles. she refused 2abort d baby, n d bf neglected her shamelesly. she suffered terribly in school wit dat pregnancy. Her fatha n step ma were nt realy bouyant, she was d 1 sendg her fatha mony, step mum cldnt care less, so she was on her own. she sufferd financialy, no good medical care, she suffrd emotionaly, bf wasnt there.. it jst went on n on. Sex..its nt worth it. my oda rummies2 didnt hav stable relationships. n i know a guy, he has slept wit so many girls, 4rm lagos 2london n beyond! Yet his fiancee is a virgin. Do u get wat m tryg 2say? Or guys dat treat dia gurlfriends shabbily. how wont he treat d lady shabbily wen she has givg herself freely2him? He wont value d lady! n i knw 4a fact dat if a man has nt slept wit a lady, he's on his best bhavior. Afta sex,d guy go dey misbhave. D spiritual aspect nko? Dat one is d worst! When u sleep wit sm1 ure nt married2, dere's an introduction of demons, curses, etc. u just inherit a lotta problems! Dats y sometimes a person can find himself doin sm things he/she didnt use 2do b4 sleepg wit a certain person. sometimes u just begin2face problems u didnt hav b4. Its not jst worth it! And it doesnt create a good foundation 4 d marriage. Doin dis relationship thingy God's way comes wit sacrifices. I do sometimes feel lonly.. dere's a type of companioship a lover brings dat canot b replacd by family or friends.. but its all good. Im nt in a hurry, my family is gr8 fun, i lov dem 2bits, n im realy career driven rite now. N bsides d word of God says 'he dat trusts in d lord shal neva b put 2shame'. Wit dat kind of assurance, i gat no worries.. yes o. id ratha wait on d lord, dan submit 2one man lookg 4a sex patna b4 marriage, who has nt submittd 2 God, n wil giv me tuff time b4 n afta marriage! Abeg i no fit shout.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shakara 2 much!

Ok.dis fyne brotha calld me up like an hour ago on free cal afta months of absence 4rm my life(can u imagine??free midnite cal?! *long hiss*) n we talkd. nw i hav 2confes,i hav a soft spot 4 dis guy. apart 4rm his luks, he's got swag..anyways we got talkg. i met him at d nysc orientation camp up north last year(wil giv u guys d full gist smtime soon. dat xperience was smthg else!) n believe me,i likd his looks, his inteligence n his personality. n bsides, he knows how 2treat a lady rite. dat was wat got me trippin. bt its obvios dat it was only a camp thing cus dis is d 2nd time he's cald me in months, n only thru free midnite call, n only 4a few mins. d brotha is obviosly nt intrestd. if he cals me midnite cal again, walahi, il giv him d sharp end of my tongue! Chikena!

P.s london naija queen,wasup wit ur blog? Cldnt drop my comments,cldnt even follow u or there anythin i ought 2do b4 i cn drop coments?

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Im feeling very sad and unhappy dis morning.something happened yesterday n i feel so discoraged. A friend calld me 4a job ystrday, n said i shld meet up with him later in d evening 2 execute d job.hurriedly i had my bath,wore my clothes,no makeup,n hurried out.n met wit baaaad u imagine? Evening wen d road is spsd 2b free,n considerin dat traffic would hav shifted2 d oda lane since evrybody was comin home frm work,my lane ought 2b free since im goin out 2d mainland.anyway traffic was choked up n horrible,bt i stayd in it cus d guy jst said later in d evening,didnt giv me a specific d time i got 2 d venue of d job execution,d guy was gone,called him with a friend's phone n he was yelling at me

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Na wa 4me o! I sometimes wonda y i dnt hav d resemblance of a social u imagine my phone stayg 4 days n days b4 i get a call? Ehn? N d bad tin(i think) about it is that m so darn com4table wit it.i think dis whole thin stemmd frm my teenage years.i had it really ruff. I had it ruff wit my parents,n den misinformd about boys,wit no one 2talk 2about issues,i naively turnd about lukg 4lov in d wrong places! All i got in return 4it was sex.i thot that it was normal in a relationship2hav sex,n dat nt givin him wil send him away! Hw terrible ignorance is.n then afta d whole sex thing,everythin just dies my teenage years were ful of terible insecurity,bad treatment frm my parents(loads n loads of beatg 4every lil thin(real or imagind),n i withdrew in2 a shell..stoppd trusting,didnt hav friends(my mum beat me out of havin friends.said they were bad 4me)n d few i rebelliously had gave me bad experiences so i didnt botha anymore... B rite bak,want2handle som bizness nw. ...Im bak! So i was telg u about my early years.anyways with al d nastines around me,i withdrew into a shel,made it very comfortable,n i find myself unable 2come out of that shell bcos d shell is so comfortable. ...(i wonder if anyone is reading this!) :-D

Vexeth not!

Any body who discovers my blog wil notice that there are no pictures.pls vexeth not,i kno not how 2upload pictures,dnt knw wat 2click dat wil giv me acess 2pictures,bsides,im operating dis whole blog thingy from my mobile if anybody has an idea of wat i should do dat wil upload pictures,pls holler. :) wil blog lata,hav plenty 2gist u!:-*

Monday, April 6, 2009

Continuation oh. i dnt v any friends.i gues dats bcos gettin friends dat re on d same wavelength wit me has always been a herculean task.not easy.n den most of d time girls dnt mix.gossip.envy.and all that ish.(sighs).no boyfriend.i rock!! Is that normal?

Welcome 2 my world.. im officially a let me tel u about a size 18,fair complexioned,pretty(yes,ppl say im pretty) a 44d(m nt sure about d size,bt dats spsd2 b like big right?) yes o.wat else?dnt currently v a boyfriend,nt searchg,in my early 2o's,about 2enta mid 2o,n em..i dnt knw wat else 2say about me.ok! Yes,m goin2 b as blunt n down 2earth as hiding here.m a christian(saved,tongue speaking)but im not perfect.. N m going 2display4d whole world 2see..meaning that am going 2 be as honest as possible..welcome to my world y'all.