Tuesday, May 12, 2009

love ko, love ni!

i met the two of them that day at the studio.

they were quite older dan me(both of them were in their forties)but they were goodlookin.we got in2 d studio and did our bit in d radio drama and i could see they were impressd with my carriage and delivery-not 2 mention my bounteous and xquisite looks! teeeeeheeeeeeeeee!

anyways at the end of d job,d first one whom il cal mr.A gave me his card and asked me to cal him.he started taking me around jobs,taught me the rudiments of the bizness n just generally was a good guy 2 me until he started asking me out.

i refused him cus i just couldnt imagine going out with him... he just wasnt my kind of person... and besides there was something off about him...something i couldn't place my finger on...