Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A hug from heaven

I need a hug from heaven.
I need a miracle in my life.
lord,pls give my career a push.
Lord,i need help with my emotions.its gettin d better of me.
I hav issues i nid help with.

Just as im gettin on with my life n gettg over my facebook pal,another one comes and hits me rite between the eye..

I hav known ben for ova 5years.ben is that guy who is a complex mixture of friend,almost lover,buddy,etc
he had askd me out in my first year in school and i had turnd him down.we remaind friends,and he startd seein anoda chick.i wasnt bothered.
Ben and i hav similar interests in almost everythin.soft spoken and down to earth,it was so easy to b friends with him.

Fast forward 5years.we lost contact,and found each other again.he's makg progres in his life,stil datin that same chick of 5years ago.
Careerwise,he offers to go in2 patnership with me on some things n i agree.
He's stronga as a christian now,of which i am well pleased..*smiles*

the challenge rite now is:i find myself strongly attractd 2ben.
I am shockd and embarrasd.
He came to my house a few days ago n he fittd rite family liked him,he was so easy to be with..n i found myself noticin things..6'2..dark..handsome...great body..and im wonderin: hav i been blind all this years?!
He didnt help matters eitha.he kept on passg compliments n tellg me wat atractd him 2me.he used words like deep..highly
I do some soulsearchg.y did i refuse him at first? Well i was young,i didnt trust him,n i felt he wasnt a commitd christian.
Time has changd all more confident now. The trust issues i had with him has bin resolvd by friendship.
N now he's more in love with God.

Sadly,wat i didnt want,someone else has taken.
N me? I cant stop thinkg about fallin for my friend.
i cant fight'd b unfair to the lady in question,n m nt a my feelings stay with me.

I think i should get a nine to five job.then i wont hav time for all this.if i had a job that was xhaustin n fufiling,i wont hav time for all this emotional crap.its wearing me out.
Lord pls help me.


  1. Dont worry,God will show u the way....ill pray for you...

  2. Mistborn, Thank u so much. pls,pls, pray for me.

  3. Please what ever you do don't tell him anything. He has a relationship that is obviously serious so let him be. If you lot are meant to be it will be no matter what.

    Keep praying for direction

  4. if he is urs he will be..
    dont go trying to sabotage his relationship.. if u are what he wants he will realize it on his own...

  5. Thank u so much anon and bbb.u both echoe my sentiments exactly