Monday, June 14, 2010


How easy is it 4 a single lady2stay celibate once u've had sex? Il b bak shortly 2talk about dis.hello ppl. Phat gurl is back.
Yes ooo.if a lady dcides dat im goin2kip my legs closed as a single lady,hw easy is it?
It wld b a big lie 4me2say dat ive nt wishd dat i cld just b free wit myself n hav all d sex i i cnt do it.
I hav trid though..''afta all'',i thot 2myself''evrybody is doin it''...
N as pleasurable as it is,i always end up feelin vry ashamed..guilty..n i always feelg like ive disappointd God..then i spend d whole month anxiosly waitg 4my period.
*sigh* not worth it jare.i no fit shout abeg.
But meeen...its nt realy is nt.


  1. No be beans...Not when you have visited the hidden triangle. But keeping away is better than the heightened anxiety that follows "then i spend d whole month anxiosly waitg 4my period."

  2. I guess praying and staying away from temptation?

  3. Waiting on the updates.... :)

  4. Everyone is different, you especially seem to be getting these guilty feelings, and I think you should listen to them. You are still pretty in control of everything and you are very aware of where this could leave. I think the more you spend time with God in your moments of weakness, the stronger you'll become, it is difficult to do what the 'person' you love and respect doesn't want you to do when you know that your bond in that particular moment is the strongest it's ever been.

  5. staying away from compromising situations and not starting the process at al