Thursday, August 6, 2009


I rmemba like 2months bak in d company i was doin my youth service.a dude who workd in d next office cam by 2socialize wit was a friday.d conversation went sumg like dis:

dude:hw re u?
Moi:im fine sir.
Dude:re u sure ure fine?
Moi:yes sir
dude:hmmmmm... (looks at me 4 a moment)
so 2day is friday.wat do u do on fridays?
dude:nothin? Dnt u go out? Drink? Club? ratha hav a gd nite's sleep.bsides,i dnt drink.cant stand d taste of alchohol..its bitter.
Dude:but surely nt evrythin is bitter..dnt u take smirnof ice?
Moi:nope.cnt finish it..d taste..
Dude:wat about wine? Surely u take wine?
Moi:oh yes i take wine! In fact there's a particularly delicious one i tuk at a friend's place.i lov it..bcos its sweet..d thing is i cant stand bitter stuff,dats y i dnt take alchohol. u smoke?
dude:u dnt go clubbing.ure not a big fan of parties.u dnt drink.u dnt smoke.ure boring!

Cn u imagine? Im borin cus i dnt drink or smoke,club..n i dnt realy party.wat rubbish! Im a vry fun persn,n im nt borin at al.bcos i dnt do al d above he clasifid me as borin.hissssssss.

Later he came in2 my office wen no one was around,n tried 2 tried 2fondle my boobs n steal a few kisses.rubbish.
I denied him of course,which did nt improve my rating wit him.
Wat da heck.i told him:
I dnt make xcuses 4 who i am.n m nt sory. I dnt hv 2do al d smokg, partyg n drinkg 2b an intrestg person..
I just wish i cld hv tld him 2stuf himself n get lost!

Bt i my oga friend .


  1. i am boring and proud of it. according to that guy.

    so i should party, drink and smoke to let some guy know i am interesting. No way!

    He's outdated, don't he know those folks are out, they are not the happy folk, they are the unhappy folk chasing shadows. lol what a speech

  2. He is an airhead. Tell him that next time

  3. Hahaha! I've had a conversation like that with someone before.

    You know he's trying to pick you up lol, guys often insult, so they shock you, especially if you're hot *reads tagline* :)

    Seriously, I've had people asking me why I didn't go out, and why I went to church on Sunday, and I explained I still have fun, just not to the extreme of what you consider to be fun.

    When someone who doesn't know me insults me, I just block them out from then on, because those lame chat up lines don't work.

    You're not boring lol, especially since you don't smoke and drink. I think it means more that you're in control of your life. I have met lots of people who lack personality who drink and smoke..

    This post is funny :) - I like!!

  4. Tish, u cldnt hav said it better.

    Anon,thats my boss's friend,that's y i didnt tel him2get lost.if not,i wld hav twistd his mouth 2d bak!

    Feral female,ure d real deal! Thanx 4 those words!

    Thanx y'all! ;-)

  5. Sounds like he just sexually assaulted you..

  6. Roc..finaly u surface..dude where v u been? Anyways som guys dnt knw hw 2 act right around wmen..n i gues dis dude is one of em. Sht happens.i gues dis dude above is in dat category.