Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bored.. :-(

Im so bored! M at home, n tryg nt 2b a nuisance 2anybody..
Dnt want2pull a jim carey stunt or anythng.m tryg 2b grown up,mature n responsible(urgh!)dnt get me wrong.i am grownup,mature,blabla,but i like bein goofy and playful. I am so playful that my mum sometimes complains that she doesnt knw when im serious! Yeah yeah..
Jst finishd my NYSC programme.n m lookg 4a m NOT lookg 4 a normal desk,9 to 5 job..heck no.i want 2b an entertainer,like acting n broadcastg..but m prepard2like b a P.A to an entertainer,learn d ropes n d ways of d game b4 i delv fully in2 it.
The challenge is i dnt knw where2go,who 2talk2.n i wish men wld jst ignore my boobs n just concentrate on my brain and talent (if wishes were horses...). i hav tried a few nollywood places, bt d xperience has left me2 cautiaus 4my own good.
Sighs... suggestions anybody?
By d way where re al my friends on blogville? SHOW YOURSELVES! Or else..or else..!
Oh dear.m bored.


  1. LOL..Hope you do get a Job soon..doing something you love...Well there are many Job opportunities in the Entertainment industry..Scout for one you would like to do..
    Nice blog you have here...

  2. is it just me or has blogville fallen asleep. hope your real friends get here soon. Won't it be fun doing someething you love, as a job. success!

  3. I think it's called the 'casting couch'..

    I guess you need to network as well as you can everytime you have the opportunity..


  4. Thanx y'all.Im tryg a few things..wil let y'all knw how it goes

  5. I'm a little scared for you, because we all know the things people do to make it in the entertainment industry, hopefully you will never become desperate enough to do those type of things, stay true to yourself and stay 'boring' lol hehe

  6. Nothing wrong with trying. Keep your head up still,yea-all the best*

  7. Feral,its bcos i dnt have d guts (n neva wil) to 'do' what others re 'doin' thats im so cautious.but il act.d professionals re out there,n im gonna find them,n m gonna act right(play on words intended!).
    So feral female fear not! Boring i shal remain!

    Thanx Blogoratti,God bles thee.