Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Love ko,love ni!(final edition)

Ok.i hav 2finish dis story!

So mr.a was d nicest guy2 b around.2b truthful n honest wit u,NO MAN til date,had ever given me d kind of attentn he gav me.taught me d rudiments of d biznes,took me along on jobs 2 see hw it was done n also2learn,made sure i was cmfortable,n profesd undyin love 4me.hmmm.

But try as he did,i just couldnt giv him d ansa he wantd.there was something so...OFF about him. N ova d years v learnt 2trust my instincts.

So one day mr a cald me n said he was goin 2 abuja 2see his kids-did i tel u he seperatd 4rm his wife? Yes oh.bt dat was b4 i met him.didnt get d ful story bt dey had problems dey cldnt sort out.

Anyways,he went 2see his kids(two lil boys) who were stayg wit his sis in abuja.by d time he came bak,he was a changd man.
Startd actg funny.no longa cald.bcame cold n withdrawn.bt i wasnt realy bothad altho i felt sad that my friendshp wit dis man was ova cus i realy likd him as a person,i jst wasnt intrestd in havg him as a lova.

Mr.a startd xcludg me 4rm jobs.it took me a while2find out,n wen i confrontd him,he made it sound like i ws botherg him.so i left him alone,bt afta we xchangd hot words. i made up my mind 2make it on my own in d biznes witout him.
I lata learnt that he had a long history wit wmen.he does exactly wat he did2me 2them,probably 2lure them in2 bed wit him.afta a few times he gets bord n moves on.so al d attentn,gifts,jobs n al dat was jst 2 lul me in2 a false sense of security.unfortunately4him,i didnt fal 4it.

I also learnt dat he had a sort of bet wit mr.b bout who was gonna get me first.n dis was done ova a bottle of beer.CAN U IMAGINE?!
Thank God i didnt fal 4his games.a lot of ladies v come afta me in2 d biznes who hav fallen 4his antics; n i get 2hear a lot about some of d nasty fights d ladies pick wit him.at d end of d day,most of dem dnt make any headway in dia career eitha.

On my own,i try 2b d best i can b; n i keep improvg my skils as a voiceartist.n m doin ok.could b betta though..bt i give evryjob i get 200%,so i wil remain relevant in d industry.I thank God,d jobs re coming.

Anyways we've bcome frenemies.an uneasy truce lies btw us,n he cals me 4 jobs once every six months..

Wateva d case,thank God i listnd 2 my instincts.
Love my foot!

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  1. WOW..What an incident..Good thing you trusted your instincts..I guess we should do that more often..That wasn't right of Mr.a and B.