Sunday, August 9, 2009

The blues

Im having the blues...*sighs*..n im not helpin matters with the choice of songs m listening to..rite now m listenin via earpiece to rihanna's song 'rehab'..n b4 that it was nelly funtado's song 'say it right'..n m gonna b listenin to a lotta songs like that til my mood clears.
Wats the source of my blues? I cant stop thinkg about a particular dude.
I met him via been seein a lotta stuff he'd been doin.He does a bit of everythin:raps,directs,writes,etc
i decided 2send him a friend request,n in less than 10mins he acceptd my friendrquest.i knew d guy was inteligent,bt d xtent i didnt knw til we startd chattin.
Iv discoverd that i hav a soft spot 4 vry inteligent inteligent 2d point of being nerdy.

I discoverd durin d course of our conversatn that dis guy was inteligent like that. N also a cool,humorous goofy guy to boot.
We chattd evry weekend and i suddenly found myself lookg 4ward to our weekend chats..n talkg to him made my day..

Told me he had a weakness(his words) for full figured women. told me he was stayg away from women rite now cos his ex had hurt him pretty badly n he hadnt been havg it easy in rlationships.
Anyways, durin d course of one of our conversations,he offered 2hook me up to an audition on a project he'd been workg on and al i had 2do was send som pics.i did.
N i havnt heard 4rm him 2day. N i mis talkg to him. N m wondering wat on earth is wrong wit me. I hav not fallen in lov,that m sure.

I mis d conversation already.mayb d pics werent good hav 2admit d pics werent all that.

I wonder if d guy n i wil eva hook up 4a drink or sumthg..

I wonder if il eva get a facebook msg 4rm him again..

I wonder where i left my common sense.

These songs re nt helpg matters at all..


  1. Happens to the best of us..
    Hopefully you'll hear from him soon..

  2. So I have to say that I agree with Roc on this one...

    Happens to the best of us...I know precisely how you feel hun.

    Hopefully he'll get in touch soon.

    In the meantime, listen to happy songs...I promise it works :)

  3. Thank u guys.. unfortunately m stil havg d blues..hope dis stupid emotional thing clears away soon..

  4. Oh no,
    My intuition tells me that he was a fraud, my have I met several online. I spoke to one for hours about how he could track down his family, because his father supposedly ran out on his mother, and he has always felt empty not knowing his cousins or nephews. I advised him for ages, we even talked about God, all for him to add me on msn to 'chat further' and then the dreaded question of 'pics' of myself came, and I knew all of it was fake.

    For all I know I might have been the tenth victim that night.

    I think your guy, to put it bluntly probably just wanted some pics so he could 'fantasise' with (to put it nicely). I'm not going to say he didn't find you attractive, but he's got what he wanted. Who knows this could be an exception, he might might might have had some problems and not been able to come online, but that is highly unlikely since it happened immediately after you sent him your pictures.

    Honey, you're gorgeous, believe that.

    Unfortunately he was probably a con.

  5. i feel you totally. when i feel the blues, i actually listen to slow sad songs and cry for like 20mins. its refreshing, plus it makes my eyes shine much brighter, just have an eye cream for the under eye bags by your bedtime. i honestly do like to cry at times, its relieving.

  6. @feral,thank u so much 4ur words.u really are a blessg!

    @nigerian women, thanks..havg the blues is nasty..